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Teetotaller, battling liver issues for the last 14 years, thanks to his genes

Liver disorders can be running in the family and one such case is of Neelagandan L, 67, who has been living with the condition of Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) since 2010. In the last 14 years, despite following a healthy lifestyle, Neelagandan has been going through multiple liver related issues. The family was jolted when a liver biopsy done in 2010 during a regular medical check up diagnosed him with NAFLD, and showed the fatty changes in the liver.

On World Liver Day, expert on preventing surge in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease among youth

Dr Rajiv Lochan J, Lead Consultant – HPB, Liver Transplant and Robotic Surgery at Manipal Hospital Old Airport Road talk on non-alcoholic fatty liver among youth and what can be done to reduce this rising incidence.